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jessie j is my life, my hero, the reason i don't give up ♥

be true to who you are
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Jessie J just slayed the Bang Bang track SINGLEHANDEDLY.

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Jessie J - Music Videos - Color Pallet

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THANK YOU!!! ❤️ #bangbang x

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Jessie on why she doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol; x

DJ: “Jessie J is here, she’s a great person, very entertaining too, I didn’t know what to expect. I was very surprised to hear that you don’t drink or smoke ‘cause when I hear stories about, just how you perform and like- you party and all these other things. I was like she’s gonna come in and be smoking and-“

I will always try to inspire of course, I make music, I write songs, I also have to live my life my way. Make mistakes, fall in and out of love, be crazy, be normal and be real! We are all the damn same! All wanting to just enjoy this thing we are all blessed with once. It’s called life! I have to do the stuff I want. As do you. And if I do something you don’t like, I didn’t let you down, we are just different.

I have the best hero

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